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Photo of Dean Stowers and James Nelsen
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Photo of Dean Stowers and James Nelsen
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Experienced lawyers helping people in Des Moines just like you.

Photo of Dean Stowers and James Nelsen

Experienced Defense Attorneys Representing Iowa Residents Charged With Fraud

Examples of fraud, according to Iowa statutes, include actions such as:

  • Making a receipt or bill to represent right to goods knowing that the goods represented to not exist
  • Attaching labels to goods, materially misrepresenting the quality or quantity of the goods.
  • Executing or tendering a false certificate or affidavit
  • Making an entry or alteration of public records, known to be false
  • Removing or altering serial numbers of identification marks from other people’s property
  • Falsely representing oneself as a veteran or a member of a fraternal, religious or charitable organization or to be acting on such organizations
  • Manufacturing, selling or keeping for sale non-coin tokens or devices that can operate coin-operated devices by anyone other than the owner of such machine
  • Altering or rendering inaccurate any meter or measuring device used in determining value or compensation of purchase of property, with the intent to defraud
  • Knowingly transferring a legal interest in property for less than the fair consideration with the intent to obtain public assistance

Examples of fraud in federal law include:

  • Lying under oath during bankruptcy proceedings; concealing or transferring financial assets
  • Committing tax fraud
  • Using false identities to file bankruptcy multiple times in multiple locations
  • Running up credit card bills with no intention of paying them off
  • Implementing accounting schemes designed to deceive investors, auditors or analysts about the true financial condition of a corporation
  • Artificially inflating financial performance of a corporation based on fictitious performance indicators
  • Conducting illicit transactions designed to evade regulatory oversight

These and other fraud charges fall under the general category of white collar crimes. If you have been charged with fraud, you are at risk of penalties including fines and jail time. A conviction resulting from charges of embezzlement, credit card fraud, identity theft or insurance fraud may harm your career prospects and otherwise ruin your reputation. A fraud conviction in particular makes it difficult to conduct business, obtain loans and otherwise live out a productive life.

Enlist Our Aid In Your Defense After An Arrest On Fraud Charges

Trial lawyers at Stowers & Nelsen in West Des Moines represent private individuals as well as corporate officers in state and federal fraud cases. Our years of experience have prepared us to advocate effectively for you through pretrial actions, in trial and through appeals as needed. Call 800-320-7288 or email us to schedule a consultation with an Iowa defense attorney.

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