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Photo of Dean Stowers and James Nelsen
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Experienced lawyers helping people in Des Moines just like you.

Photo of Dean Stowers and James Nelsen

Charged With A Sex Offense In Iowa? Contact Our Defense Attorneys.

Terms like “sex offense” or “sexual assault” are by nature quite abstract. Sex offense charges may encompass a wide spectrum and variety of allegations and criminal matters, including:

  • Stranger rape
  • Date rape
  • College rape cases, often occurring along dark campus pathways, at fraternity events, at drinking parties and in dormitories
  • Unlawful touching
  • Child molestation
  • Child pornography
  • Prostitution

The term “rape” is not included among Iowa statutes, but people generally understand the usual meaning of the word. Even its definition is often up to interpretation. Credibility of complaining witnesses or alleged victims is often an issue in rape or sexual assault cases. Differing versions about what actually happened in a college rape scenario are common.

Accused — Or About To Be Accused? Take Timely Action To Protect Your Rights And Your Reputation.

The one sure thing to know if you have been charged with any type of sex crime is that time is of the essence. The sooner you have an experienced, capable defense attorney on your side, the more options there will be for effective defense strategies and a favorable outcome.

Perhaps you were involved in an interpersonal situation that may be interpreted after the fact as a sexual assault. Protect yourself proactively through wise and timely legal counsel. Contact Stowers & Nelsen in West Des Moines to schedule a consultation with an attorney. Be prepared in case the matter leads to interactions with law enforcement agents.

State Crimes — Federal Crimes — Misdemeanors — Felonies

The severity of criminal charges and the unique circumstances behind them will determine whether a sex crime case falls under local, state or federal jurisdiction. Lawyers at Stowers & Nelsen in the Des Moines metro area bring years of trial experience to bear on sex crime cases. Our attorneys often collaborate with experts such as private investigators, child psychologists, medical experts and DNA forensic analysts as they construct strong defenses on behalf of our clients.

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Know Your Rights After Accusations Of College Rape Or Other Sexual Assault Crimes

Sex crimes are some of society’s most abhorred criminal offenses. If you have been charged with date rape, child molestation, child pornography distribution or prostitution, you need legal advice without delay. Experienced lawyers at Stowers & Nelsen in West Des Moines have valuable insights to share with you. Contact us today to arrange for a confidential meeting regarding your sex offense matter in Iowa.

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