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Our Law Firm Features Dedicated Iowa Criminal Defense Attorneys And Staff

The team at Stowers & Nelsen in Des Moines, Iowa, is dedicated to providing skilled criminal defense to individuals facing federal and state charges as well as those seeking appeals of convictions or sentences.If you or a loved one has been arrested for, charged with or is under investigation for a drug crime, OWI, a sex offense, theft, fraud or a violent crime, contact us today to schedule a consultation and put an experienced trial team on your side:
  • Attorney Dean Stowers has served in the Office of General Counsel as a counselor to the United States Sentencing Commission, the agency responsible for the federal sentencing guidelines used in federal sentencing. In private practice, Dean has tried many criminal jury trials in state courts and in federal court. His accomplishments include numerous not guilty verdicts, including federal jury trial acquittals. He perseveres in challenging cases, often including appellate review. He is known as an aggressive and effective advocate for the accused.
  • Defense lawyer James Nelsen previously served as a general trial attorney with a county public defender’s office in Tampa, Florida. He has tried state misdemeanor and felony jury trials in Florida and Iowa. He also handles federal cases, including complex drug conspiracies. He has argued cases before the Iowa Court of Appeals and the Iowa Supreme Court.
  • Legal assistant Amy L. Pille contributes to the firm’s effectiveness and efficiency through adept trial support, case management and service to clients.

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To schedule a consultation after a criminal arrest in Des Moines or elsewhere in Iowa, call 866-959-1190 or email us.

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