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Federal and State Appeals Attorney

The appeals process is based largely on written briefs and verbal arguments. Your attorney should have significant experience researching and writing appellate briefs. Your attorney should also have significant experience arguing cases before appellate judges. Stowers & Nelsen has this experience to properly and aggressively represent your legal interests. Stowers & Nelsen has had many successful appellate cases.

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Extensive Preparation during the Appeals Process

A criminal appeal is not a retrial. It is a process where attorneys raise and respond in writing to legal errors that may have occurred in the original trial. Our firm devotes considerable time to researching, writing and developing the record of the case to obtain a clear and full understanding of the record prior to appeal. We also develop strategies for effective appeals in a manner in which the court can understand. We employ a team approach to appeals and work experienced legal assistants and the most talented law students from Drake to assist with research and preparation.

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