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Photo of Dean Stowers and James Nelsen
Photo of Dean Stowers and James Nelsen
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Photo of Dean Stowers and James Nelsen
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Experienced lawyers helping people in Des Moines just like you.

Photo of Dean Stowers and James Nelsen

An Iowa Lawyer Who Will Fight For Your Freedom In The Face Of Drug Charges

Your future is at stake after a drug crime arrest (or if you are under investigation), whether for the first time or as an alleged repeat offense. With the confident, experienced advocacy of defense attorney Dean Stowers on your side, you will know you are putting forth your best efforts toward the best outcome attainable in your case.

The specifics of your case may range from relatively straightforward charges of possession and distribution to more complex and serious charges of interstate drug trafficking and conspiracy. Were you stopped, searched and arrested while traveling on Interstate 35 or Interstate 80? If you are suspected of having transported illegal substances across state lines with the purpose of selling them, your interstate drug trafficking charges are likely to be prosecuted at the federal level.

As serious as these charges are, you have already taken a bold step toward a favorable resolution by considering Stowers & Nelsen to handle your defense. We welcome the opportunity to advise you on complex drug crime matters.

Attorneys Dean Stowers and James Nelsen, from law offices in West Des Moines, work extra hard to stay abreast of the latest trends in the law and in law enforcement tactics. Federal drug attorneys in Iowa and elsewhere must know federal law and procedure. A select few attorneys in Iowa are given federal court appointments on the “panel.” We are experienced federal drug attorneys and have both served on the “panel.”

Mr. Stowers’ and Mr. Nelsen’s extensive experience as a trial lawyer in Iowa and a federal appellate-level attorney can be put to work in your very important criminal case involving illegal drugs or weapons. We are prepared to advise you honestly as to the most likely path to a favorable resolution of your drug crime case involving one or more of the following:

Confront Serious Federal Charges With Serious Defense Attorneys To Guide You

Did police violate your rights to freedom from illegal search and seizure? Was unjust forfeiture of your personal property part of the case? Did a police officer stop you without probable cause? Are weapons charges or conspiracy charges at stake? At Stowers & Nelsen, we will prepare your case as if for trial. We will work hard to ensure that if you are sentenced, your sentence will be as fair as it can be. Contact the law office of Stowers & Nelsen to schedule a consultation to discuss your criminal defense today.

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